4 Things You Should Know About Powerball Jackpots

powerball-games-1aThe Powerball lotto game is a fun one that draws a lot of players with its potential for huge jackpots. Several times per year, there are hundreds of millions of dollars up for grabs in the Powerball jackpot. With drawings twice per week, there are many lotto players out there dreaming of hitting their numbers. Here are four things to consider about the Powerball jackpot.

While it is always great to be able to play daily lotto games, sometimes for free, it is always the massive Powerball jackpots that attract the players from all over the country. When life-changing amounts of money is up for grabs, you can be sure that more and more people will purchase tickets, thus the jackpot going up even more.

Here are 4 facts about Powerball games

1. Players should know their odds going into the game. An individual’s odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 175 million. There are 175 million different combinations with the game’s five white balls and one red ball that are possible. On several occasions, the game will continue without a winner for several months.

2. The ticket price to play Powerball has been $2 since January of 2012. In years prior, the cost powerball-games-3awas only $1. The increase in price has led to some of the largest jackpots in the history of lotto games. Almost half of the top ten largest jackpots have happened since 2012.

3. There is a consolation prize available for those who hit all five white ball numbers but miss on the Powerball. Consolation prize winners take home $1 million, $2 million if they choose the Power Play option. More than 700 people have won the Powerball consolation prize.

4. Someone is going to win the jackpot. While an individual’s chances are very small, the chance that someone else will win is very high. This is what drives people to play: the real possibility that they could be the next winners. If there are roll-overs, which there often are, you will see the jackpots increase by huge amounts.

Should you play the Powerball or your regular games?

powerball-games-2aIf you can, you should always enter the Powerball games, even if you like to play smaller daily games as well. With the massive jackpots on offer, as well as the 7-figure consolation prizes, you should always give yourself the chance of winning any of these. You stand just as much chance as anyone else of winning it, but you can only win it if you are in it.

If you live in the US then you will be able to enter Powerball games on a regular basis. You can develop your strategies around this game and give yourself a better chance of hitting the main jackpot or the consolation prizes. You should take your time to develop a solid strategy to follow and give yourself the edge over 99% of the other Powerball players. Although the chances are still a long-shot, you will increase them and you could be on the end of some really big wins.

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