Buying Lottery Tickets Online

buying-lottery-tickets-online-3aMany countries now have their own national lotteries and with the advancement of the internet over the last few years you now have the ability to use a lot of the national lottery services online. You can purchase tickets and view your results online, and you can even get paid directly into a bank account too if you win, so effectively you do not even need to leave your house to enter some of the lottery games.

The good thing about using some of the larger national lottery sites is that they will be very robust and secure sites, so performing any financial services on the sites is safe. The concept is basically the same as when you would buy a lottery ticket from your local gas station or convenience store, you still choose your numbers, or you can get the site to choose random numbers for you if this is your preference.

Play the online lottery daily

While the national lotteries can have some very large jackpots, the problem is that many will only have a drawing once a week, or some only once a month, so you need to wait quite a long time in between games. But there are some online lottery services such as that have a daily draw and you can enter each game and have the chance of winning prizes on a daily basis.buying-lottery-tickets-online-1a

Considering how popular the lottery is with many people, the chance to play on a daily basis is something that has been very well received, and services such as iLotto are really thriving because of this. It is also very easy to play, and you do not need to be a computer expert in order to sign up for a free membership and enter your numbers each day. still has a large weekly jackpot of 1 million dollars too, as well as the daily games where you can win smaller prizes that will include things such as Apple products (iPads, iPods and MacBook computers) and cash prizes too. So although it provides a lot of fun for you on a daily basis, you can still win yourself some nice prizes and also have the chance of winning a large amount of money in the weekly draw too.

buying-lottery-tickets-online-2aThe cost of buying lottery tickets online

Usually buying lottery tickets online will cost you the same as it would do in your local gas station. You may pay $1 or $2 for a ticket, it all depends on the individual services. But with services such as, you do not have to pay for your tickets at all, you can actually play the lottery online for free.

You can also purchase a premium membership with iLotto which will give you some additional benefits to the free memberships. But you do not need to have a premium membership to be able to play the games on a daily basis. So if you like to play the lotto regularly, then using a service such as iLotto is the ideal solution.

Is  lotto similar to casino?

Yes, lotto is in many ways very similar to casino. To find out more about casinos, go to

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