Eliminate Cold Numbers for the Best Chance at Lotto Success

lotto-success-1aPlaying lotto games is both fun and challenging. Playing repeatedly and not winning can be very frustrating to say the least. The problem that many players have is that they play random numbers with no regard to whether or not those numbers give them the best chance of winning.

Many people will play birthdays or anniversaries, for example. Others will take a ticket and attempt to create a pattern or design on it with their number selections. According to many lotto experts, this is not the way to go about playing if you would like to win on a more consistent basis.

People who continue to play their so-called “lucky” numbers will continue to lose. What players need to do is some research on what are called cold numbers. Cold numbers are those that do not come up in the winning results very often. Identifying cold numbers takes some research.

You have to analyze past winning numbers and identify both hot and cold numbers. Knowing which numbers to eliminate from your choices will greatly increase your odds of winning. There are many lotto strategies that focus around this methodology as it is seen as being the best way to give you the edge over the game.

Do your research

Doing the research and identifying cold numbers will help you to start playing a system. A lottolotto-success-2a system gives you the best chance at winning some large jackpots, but also to hit winning combinations on a more regular basis.

While you should never expect to hit the ‘big one’ every week, you should certainly look to increase the amount of times you hit winning combinations, even if it is for fewer numbers than the main jackpot prize. There are multiple stories of winners who have won at lotto games more than once, and a lot of the time these winners have adopted a playing strategy that focuses on methods based around these factors.

They have done the research and figured out the cold numbers. They eliminate numbers from their selections like triples, for example. In doing so, they are more successful in lotto games. There are many programs that provide software and other accessories that will help you keep track of past numbers and show you the numbers that have not come up for a long time.

Where to play

lotto-success-3aIf you are playing your local or national lottery you may find that the games are only held once a week, or maybe even bi-weekly or monthly. This will mean it will take a very long time for you to generate enough historic data to start making predictions for your numbers. But there is a way that you can play more regularly, and this is by using one of the many online lotto services now available.

You will find that a lot of the online lotto services offer games on a much more frequent basis, sometimes every day. So if you want to have the ability to play on a more frequent basis look out for lotto services such as iLotto.com and start playing every day.

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