How Does iLotto Work?

how does ilotto workMore and more online lottery services are popping up all the time. Some of them last 5 minutes before they disappear as fast as they appeared, and others that are well run pick up momentum and become successful. One of the most established online lottery services is iLotto (, and we are going to look at how this service works exactly, and whether it is a good service to use.

The first thing you will notice when you visit the site is that it says it is free to join. This is not a gimmick, it is a free service, but they do also offer a premium membership where you can pay a monthly fee and get added functionality so you do not even need to log into your account, as your numbers will automatically be entered into each days draw. Unlike online casinos such as online casino reviews Canada, iLotto is free to play

Registering for iLotto

Registering for iLotto is a simple two minute process. You just need to enter your email and a 114apassword for your account initially and then enter your name, address and DOB, and that is it. You will then be able to enter your account with the password you created any time you like.

A free membership for will require that you log in and submit your numbers manually for each days drawing. You have to choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49, and you can either pick these manually or you can get iLotto to choose 6 random numbers for you.

If you get a premium membership, then you will not be required to sign in every day to submit your numbers. You can initially choose the numbers that you want to submit and then these will be submitted automatically for each days drawing.

Prizes you can win

The daily prizes that you can win at iLotto are mostly electronic devices. These include a lot of Apple products such as the latest iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. You also win points for getting anything from 1 to 5 numbers out of the 6, so you can accumulate your points as you win them and these can be used to submit more entries into the weekly 1 million USD draw.

ilotto prizes

The weekly drawing is for the large cash amount of $1m, but you can also get the chance to win a 50 inch LCD television too. The whole user interface for iLotto is very easy to use and will make sure that you get all of your numbers submitted fairly quickly, although it is a bit more work for the free memberships.

how-does-ilotto-work-2Which countries are eligible to play iLotto

You can play iLotto if you live in the USA, Canada and the UK, although there are a few restrictions for the US and Canada. You are not allowed to register and play for if you live in the states of Florida and New York in the USA, and the province of Quebec in Canada.

Premium membership cost

If you want to sign up for a premium membership for, then for both the USA and Canada the cost is $19.99, and for the UK it is £9.99. A premium membership is an option and not a requirement to play ilotto, and you are able to cancel your membership at any time you like from within your members area.

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